How Sportbot Works

Who will be listed or can anybody apply to be listed on the Sportbot Exchange?

Any player or athlete can apply to be listed on the Global Sportbot Exchange.

Sportbot is launching on the Sportbot Exchange with a select group of international sport stars and athletes to demonstrate the platform’s huge potential.  Once your registration on the POLC platform has been completed and approved, Sportbot Shares™ will be immediately accessible for purchase. Fundamentally, there are one million Sportbot Shares™ accessible for any sportsperson, player, or athlete. 

An investor or fan will have to register on the Global POLC Platform in order to receive an “iRobot” identity and profile, through which Sportbot Shares™ can be procured with the hope that the shares will increase in value similar to buying shares on a traditional stock exchange.

An investor or fan will also have access to some exclusive content of a player not necessarily available on other open social media platforms. A Sport Stars’ share price and value are primarily centered around its popularity in the open market. As per some of the latest global data privacy laws, certain personally identifiable information (PII) of a player or athlete may not be availed to the general public or social media unless specific consent is given. This content could be images, videos, opinions, chat rooms, and other content placed on a star’s Sportbot platform for the exclusive use of its Sportbot Shares™ holders. The value of Sports Stars’ Sportbot Shares™  is shown and traded on the open market very similar to how Bitcoin Currency can be bought and sold in the cryptocurrency world or a normal share on a traditional stock exchange.

The Sports Star benefits from the Exchange every time new Sportbot Shares™ are issued or when Sportbot Shares™ are traded on the Sportbot Exchange. The Sports Star also has the ability to buy his or her Sportbot Shares™  back on the Sportbot Exchange.

In addition, by having a Sportbot or iRobot on the Global POLC platform, a user unlocks the artificial intelligence capability of the platform to enable further wealth creation modules which will be made available in the future.  These include but are not limited to Sportbot Community Lift Club, Gigabot (Job Creation), Artistbot (For our creative community), POLC Medical (Artificial Intelligence Module for Health Management), POLC Aviation and many others.