About Sportbot

Sportbot provides a mechanism to achieve four major objectives:

Assisting Young Sports Talent

To financially assist the development of young sports talent at school to realize their full potential with embedded controls for responsible spending. Investors and sponsors will now have visibility of "how" their funds are applied.

Active Professional Sports Star or Athlete

Active professional athletes and sports stars may now monetize themselves as Sportbot Ambassadors to leverage their latent brand equity and intellectual property. Following POLC registration and approval, you can choose to list yourself on the Global Sportbot Exchange.  As a professional sportsperson, you will not only be listed on the Global Sportbot Exchange, but you will also receive a world ranking based on your popularity globally.

Retired Players or Sports Stars

Professional athletes who have retired from the field of play can continue to receive lifetime annuity payments through their Sportbot accounts. Retired sports professionals can also list themselves on the Global Sportbot Exchange. Sportbot members will typically want to source a wealth of knowledge and coaching tips, techniques and even training material here. Professional athletes may also choose to engage with their Sportbot Shareholders in their Sportbot profile. Alternatively, as a Sportbot Professional, you can join Sportbot and receive your unique joining code which can be forwarded to your friends, fans, family and followers to join Sportbot and thereby earn lifetime annuity income.

Sportbot Members

A Sportbot member is any person whom have successfully registered and joined the Sportbot through the POLC platform through one or more trust sponsors. Members, parents, friends, family, followers and fans now have the opportunity to assist in funding junior and amateur sports talent but also to have fun in the buying and selling of Sportbot Shares™ in professional players or athletes. In addition, it is possible to also make a profit on the buying and selling of Sportbot Shares™ on the global Sportbot Exchange. (A bit like trading baseball cards “in the good old days”).

Sportbot is powered by POLC

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Artificial Intelligence Platform for On Line Commerce

Every transaction is:

Once an athlete has been listed on the Global Sportbot Exchange, Sportbot Shares ™ will immediately be available for sale on the global market. Fans, Family, Friends and Followers first need to successfully register on the POLC Platform in order to receive their own Global User Account ID and be able to  buy and sell Sportbot Shares ™.


Sportbot Shares ™ can be purchased with the expectation that they will increase in value over time, much like purchasing shares on a normal stock exchange. Friends, family, fans, and followers will have access to exclusive and private information about the player or athlete as long as they have bought a minimum number of Sportbot Shares ™.


A Sport Stars’ Sportbot Shares ™ value is mostly determined by its popularity in the market. In addition, the content in their Sportbot Profile which include images, videos, opinions and other content is extremely important. The value of a Sport Star’s Sportbot Shares ™ are shown on the Global Sportbot Exchange and traded on the open market.


A Sport Star benefits from the Sportbot Exchange every time new Sportbot Shares ™ are bought or when Sportbot Shares ™ are traded in the Open Market. A Sports Star may also buy back its own Sportbot Shares ™.

In addition, by having a Sportbot or iRobot on the POLC platform a user unlocks the artificial intelligence capability of the platform for further wealth creation in future modules which are not discussed here.