Sportbot currently has exciting investment opportunities available

Conservative projections with a global market penetration of 12% in a few limited codes of sport realize the following:
Turnover (Year 5) $157m
EBITDA (Year 5) $32m
CAGR (EBITDA over 5 years) 70%
ROI 75.3%
Breakeven 15 months
Payback 24 months

We believe that being a unique product offering on the global stage and the first mover in this space, we will command a significant market share of over 50%.

Investment Opportunities

Patents have been provisionally registered globally with the architectural design now completed. Seed funding to a value of USD 1m has been raised and is currently being used to develop the Sportbot Stock Exchange which is approximately 85% complete.
Several international sports personalities and stars have already joined the platform and it’s already going “viral” in South Africa, Europe, the USA, and the UAE. The Executive and management teams are in advanced discussions with several more global sports stars and celebrities to join the platform.

The following investment opportunities are available :

Option A

Debentures with a maturity value of three years and an interest rate of 6% in Mauritius.

Option B

Equity investments up to a maximum of USD 2m in the following continents:

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